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Sunday, 19 September 2004



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Excel Pivot Table Fundamentals

I won't try and hide the fact from you that I am a big fan of Pivot Tables. I use them a lot in the development of Spreadsheets for my clients. Once the client sees the Pivot Table, they nearly always ask "could I do that?" the answer of course is yes! Unfortunately most [url=http://www.treegrid.net/net-grid-view.html]net grid view[/url] tend to shy away from Pivot Tables, as they see them as too complex. to be honest with you, when you first use a Pivot Table the whole thing can seem a bit daunting. Don't be put off by this as persistence will almost [url=http://www.treegrid.net/asp.net-datagrid.html]net data grid[/url] certainly pay off. I find the best part about Pivot Tables is their ability to be manipulated via 'Trial-and-Error' and immediately show the result. If its' not what you expect, [url=http://www.treegrid.net/pivot-table.html]pivot table[/url] use the Undo feature and/or have another go! What you must always remember is that you are not changing the structure of your original table in anyway at all, so you can do no harm!

Why are they called Pivot Tables ? - Well, basically they allow us to pivot our data via [url=http://www.treegrid.net/java-grid.html]java grid[/url] to produce meaningful information. This makes Pivot Tables interactive in that once the table is complete we can very easily see what effect moving (or pivoting) our data has on our information. This will become patently clear once you give [url=http://www.treegrid.net/ajax-table.html]ajax table[/url] a go. Believe me, no matter how experienced you get at Pivot Tables there will always be an element of trial-and-error involved in producing the desired results! What this means is you will find yourself pivoting your table a lot!

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