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Tuesday, 28 June 2005



Living in a society where it is still considered quite outré - if not downright treasonous - to reexamine pre-9/11 history for possible rational reasons why foreigners might feel justified in attacking the United States, one quoted paragraph from the Sun Times article resonates powerfully:

”This movie is also about people being attacked for no reason. They don't know why they're being attacked. We certainly went to great lengths in the movie not to explain any reason for these attackers.“

A nation that spends a decade throwing million-dollar smart bombs around the world like firecrackers - peace, war, or otherwise - and then bristles with outraged "innocence" and horror at being itself attacked, is already living a powerful and extremely dangerous myth. Just how consciously or subconsciously Mr Spielberg realizes such things in the elaboration of his art is indeed a fascinating and potentially revealing question.

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